I.T. Room Monitoring

From audit to specification, supply, installation, support and maintenance.  Impeccable service from A-Z for all sizes of datacentres and other infrastructure.


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Maintenance and Conformity

Helping small businesses to solve operational issues; electrical, I.T. and building works.

Ideal Infrastructure Management Solutions from


Idealphil is a consultancy with focus on business continuity and disaster prevention. Idealphil offers consultancy services for disaster prevention in the I.T. infrastructure and health and safety conformity in the working environment.*

Whether in the computer room, the factory or the office, it is better to be safe than sorry! Idealphil helps you to protect your vital I.T. infrastructure  and your workforce.

From initial audit through supply and installation to ongoing maintenance, Idealphil brings you the possibility to rest assured that your risks are minimised.

* Health and safety consulting available within 40km of Soignies, Belgium

Health and Safety

Independant advice from a qualified health and safety officer, to help put your small business on the right tracks within the Belgian employment laws.