Maintenance and Conformity

Helping small businesses to solve operational issues; electrical, I.T. and building works.

I.T. Room Monitoring

From audit to specification, supply, installation, support and maintenance.  Impeccable service from A-Z for all sizes of datacentres and other infrastructure.

Health and Safety

Independant advice from a qualified health and safety officer, to help put your small business on the right tracks within the Belgian employment laws.

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Your I.T. Infrastructure



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Whether your company is small or large, working on cloud services or localized servers, you will always have equipment on-site - and you will always need minimize the risk of failures!

UPS, telephony, internet access, local storage, servers running legacy services, all require a healthy working environment.

Idealphil advises, supplies and installs systems which can collect data from the electrical supplies, the room and the equipment itself.  Access control and video surveillance can also be integrated, and Idealphil has a long experience of providing solutions for individual requirements.

You can then be warned by SMS, e-mail or other communication protocols if problems arise, and react before problems become disasters!

Exactly as for Health and Safety, protecting your IT system infrastructure starts with a risk assessment!

A basic audit will highlight dangers to your I.T. equipment health, through over-heating, loss of power, fire, interference etc., and will often allow low-cost improvements to be identified and implemented.
Following this we will in a good position to specify a suitable system which will monitor the vital signs of your infrastructure and, if necessary, react automatically to dangers which occur.

The cost is probably less than you would expect, especially when compared to the cost of picking up the pieces after a business catastrophe!

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